Living To Serve Him

Media Department

The media ministry team is responsible for all of the technical functions of our church; to serve the church by providing comprehensive media services for church events which can include Sunday morning worship, special services, youth events, Worship Band festivals, congregational meetings and other gatherings. During worship services or other large events, they run the sound board for the worship band and speakers, including the pastor. If PowerPoint or other media are used, the media department sets up all of the necessary files and ensures that it will run smoothly. One of the main duties is to make sure the Live stream to facebook and Youtube is well coordinated on Sunday mornings. 

If you will like to be part of this ministry send us a mail

Worship Team

Our praise and worship team builds the body of Christ and draws people into worshiping God through carefully chosen music and lyrics. The praise and worship team shoulders responsibility for the flow of the service and the mood and readiness of the congregation to hear God’s word as spoken through the pastor.

Our vision is to bring heaven down to earth during worship and after in the life of the people of God. If you feel the calling to join this mission come and talk to us.

KLC Kids

In alignment to the churches Vision, our vision is to also equip each child for life and all Godliness (Matt.10:8). By this we trust our lessons, programs and every activity will embody and help achieve this Vision,

  • Re-enforce their identity in Christ.
  • Teach them about the Holy Spirit and help them flow in the Holy Spirit.
  • Teach them to be aware of the Great I am.


To be a part of building the local church is an immense privilege. One way that everyone can be involved in this is through volunteering. Volunteering is where someone who isn’t necessarily on the staff of the church, makes a contribution of their personal time, energy and talents to building an area within church life. Something that makes them even more remarkable is that they often go unrecognized. Volunteers must be willing to humbly serve Christ and their brothers and sisters without ever expecting to shine in the spotlight. The heart of volunteering is that it’s all about loving people, serving people, and investing into their lives

Young Adults / Youth

Our aim is to raise up a generation who will impact the world one soul at a time through the power of Jesus Christ
  • Leading other teenagers to become aware of the presence of the Kingdom of God.
  • Transforming lives through Love
  • Awakening the spiritual gifts in them
  • To expand their knowledge of the word
  • And to Empower them to influence the community positively
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